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NOTE to RECRUITERS – you should let your clients know to review this online cover letter/resume – it is the game changer in clients bringing me on-board. I had discovered that previous recruiters diluted my info so much when presenting to clients, I appear to be JUST another run of the mill candidate. And, I am not – my drive is still there and evident in my AWS Cloud growth – I want to be part of creative and strategic cloud efforts – that is my driving goal for the next 10 years (and maybe gain a doctorate as well….).

Additionally, I have not yet managed any $20-50 million projects, only under $3 million in the past (see ‘Projects’ below).

====== ==== UPDATES: ====== ======

Thanksgiving 2018 ==>  Obtained my AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Professional certification — hard, HARD work to attain this cert without years of AWS day-to-day/hands-on work experience and funny thing, (hilariously funny [in a painful way] for some of us – AWS, in October 2018, “removed” having Associate level certificates in order to gain the Professional level certifications, ironic….). — Now, it is time to prep for the next two AWS Professional certs ==> Advanced Networking Specialty & DevOps Engineer – see if this can be accomplished by February 2019….

Aug 2018 – Landed a new AWS Cloud Solutions Architect role but we will have to see how it goes in performing actual AWS work. (Jan 2019 update: No, this role is not more AWS Cloud Architect work, it is ~65% agency processes and ~35% AWS cloud work – very disappointing.)

July 2018 –  Well, sad to say it already but it is time to move on as my career path is in jeopardy due to the lack of AWS access/work at this company. The lack of actual AWS work that I believed I was coming in for caused me to fail my AWS Cloud Solutions Architect professional exam by “2 points”….

May 2018 – Landed an AWS Cloud Solutions Architect role in but we (AWS Architects) have still ‘not’ received AWS accounts to perform AWS work.  Intelligence agency is still holding back funding (so the company says) and no ETA as to when we will gain those AWS accounts to start doing AWS work.

====== ====== ====== ====== ======

Please, to save you valuable time as much as it pains me to say it, I do not have all those explicit 5-10 years of ‘day-to-day, hands-on’ AWS cloud work experience to start with on day 1 of a new job. (Be prepared, this is an extensive document that answers all of your questions.)

But, IF your firm is forward AND long-range thinking and not looking through the lenses of ‘must have 2 or 5 or 10 years of hands-on work experience’ to start with, I am your new hire. I can do the job – I am not worried or scared of it. I like to get my hands dirty so to speak.

My AWS Cloud knowledge, training and experience was gained the hard way over the past 2 1/2 years, outside of my regular day job as I can make time; in the morning hours before work; the hours at night after work and weekends from:

  • IN-person classes == MULTIPLE courses over the past months === many, MANY labs
  • plus several AWS certs & gaining more at this point

As to pay, I am not overly concerned about taking a pay cut to make a transition from my senior InfoSec/Cyber security SME role – my aim is to move into a AWS Cloud role for the next decade or more. Additionally, some people are overly concerned about my coming in and taking over their leadership role – instead of bringing me on and welcoming my desire to make the team and leadership (them) successful.

I have been focused on learning all of the AWS skill sets necessary to gain the different certifications – no time yet to focus only on 1 or 2 subsets within AWS to become a guru in those 1 or 2 areas. But, after I gain AWS pro certs in Cloud Solutions Architect, Advanced Networking Specialty & DevOps Engr – Big Data & IoT are on the horizon, in the next round of materials to learn.

So, “What’s in it for you, the Senior Manager / Executive decision maker (if you are the VERY forward & long range thinker I hope you are)?” 

What’s in it if for you is a stellar employee for your firm/agency, as you benefit from the significant of effort I’ve poured into my cloud growth to move into a cloud role. As one recruiter put it (in good terms), I am a jack-of-all-trades, while master of none. Actually, it is a “LOT” of IT trades, “all” interrelated (PC, networks, data communication, InfoSec, Cybersecurity, Linux, etc.), which is a good thing.

My unfettered aim is to move into “Virtualization“, specifically ==>> an AWS Cloud Solutions Architect & Security or AWS DevOps Engineering role to do:  

  a} virtualization/cloud architecture & strategy

  b} Security efforts as a secondary role

  c) with any policy work last (I no longer wish to do policy/oversight as a primary or secondary role

In making my move into the cloud, I will be a Bridge, due to my “Ambivert” nature {combination of Introvert & Extrovert, which is a real thing} By that I mean, I will be a bridge (between executive to operational levels of individuals in the firm and the different areas of technology) by combining and using all of the multiple areas of my background: IT (see career), Cyber Security, Intelligence (national security & human), Strategy and Creativity/Innovation into the Cloud / Virtualization realm. It is the combination of my skill sets, as they are complementary in many areas that makes being a bridge possible.

For me, Cloud/Virtualization Architect / DevOps Engineer (Operations & Security) is an excellent fit since IT has been the primary thrust for most of my career in non-cloud roles (voice & data communication (networking), routers, firewalls, PC Support, InfoSec/Cyber security, etc). DevOps Engr role is more along my lines – troubleshooting, problem solving & improving – figuring out where snags out and making whatever better and I want to do this in the Cloud…

To be clear, I had no reluctance or reticence in my goal of ‘moving out of‘ Information Assurance roles (specifically, & A, Governance or A & A).

Education success:

CURRENT Certifications & Education:

** CCSK  ** AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Professional, ** AWS Certified Developer Associate CISSP-ISSEP   plus ==>>  MBA Technology Management (Strategy & Innovation) & MScIA (InfoSec/Cyber Security)

Other courses & certs — As indicated below, likely sitting for the 2 AWS Professional level certifications in early 2019  (also learning Python & Chef as I find time)  

(previous expired certs –> Cisco routers (CCNA), CheckPoint Firewalls (CCSA & CCSE), Novell network (CNE) Engineer, plus others such as Voice & Data-communication)



Intentional Break (for you to stop)

What I Bring (what sets me apart)

My Brand

My Goal

Past / Current Tech (virtualization/cloud) Efforts

My Story

Previous IT Projects ($ 3/4 million & $2.5 million) – as Nationwide Manager of Mainframe/Network Security, Data Communications, PC Support & Help Desk

Links (My papers – virtualization, strategy, tech, cyber security, intelligence, more)



You ‘must‘ use your considerable insight and look at my recent background in totality with ‘all’ of my background. Look at it in conjunction with what I’ve done these past 18 months outside of work (learning virtualization / cloud / DevOps, SDN & NFV (basics), SPLUNK (basic) and refreshing my old CCNA) to move forward. It is my innate adaptability to move into something new and rapidly move ahead of other members of any team and bringing them with me.

Please stop here if you’re ‘automatically thinking’ the content used throughout this cover letter is comprised of buzz words, phrases or glib statements being bandied about.They are not.’ The content all embodies my passions, and for those who look will see this is what is gained in having me onboard. The content is all explicitly considered to convey to you, ‘I am what I say’ (written or spoken).

Intentional Break — Otherwise, please read on to see if you value a ‘richer & fuller‘ individual. 




If you are at this point, thanks for your due diligence – I look forward to working with you.

What I bring‘, this combination of my make up is what sets me apart:

  • Mindset for ‘Success’ for everyone (from junior members to executive staff)
  • Role model
  • Energy‘ and ‘Integrity
  • Adept, Adaptive & Strategic
  • Learner
  • Communicator
  • Thinker – of other, hopefully better solutions/possibilities – Enough so for example that junior intelligence analysts on other teams came to me be their intelligence mentor – because I try to think of and use solutions which include multiple aspects, related or not
  • Deep & Multilateral Thinker (multiple vectors at once), not just linearly (sequentially)
  • Problem solver & Trouble shooter
  • Ability to extrapolate (looking at the trees AND forest at the same time)
  • Collaboration
  • Seeing the weak spots as well as the strong points in various settings
  • Assist everyone respectfully, no matter their color, gender, religion, age or position
  • Able to easily work under pressure (I become very serious & focused when this happens – and it annoys folks that I do not joke around or take it ‘easy’ at this stage)

I am looking‘ to become a key player, now – and later, a significant key player in multiple cloud/virtualization areas, including SDN/NFV (if possible).

My Brand – Technologist & People Person with a GREAT attitude; Deep Cognitive Diversity (* see below) and an AUTONOMIC Reflex to improve efforts with successful outcomes – a THINKER & DOER (because I like challenging issues) — I am the type person you want (and need) as part of your team. This is due to my thirst for knowledge and using it in areas such as in business knowledge, Windows, Linux (even IBM of the past) and Thinking.

My Goal — Becoming a Master Cloud Architect &/or Ops Engineer and working in the Virtualization Architect/Strategy (cloud), SDN/NFV & possibly including Cybersecurity for the next 10 – 15 years. Technology, virtualization, is where I am meant to be… even if I do not have 2, 5 or 10 years of cloud experience (I don’t know of many out there who do). After the considerable effort and expenses laid out to learn Cloud {and SDN/NFV, SPLUNK}, I have shown I have the drive and inclination to make any team successful in ‘the Cloud.’

Past / Current Tech (virtualization/cloudEfforts

In “moving out” of my senior Info Assurance & Risk Management oversight role for C & A (A & A) – I spent the past 2 1/2 years investing a significant amount of time & expense in the classes/courses and learning:

  • Jun 2016 ==> obtained CSA CCSK cloud certification from Cloud Security Alliance 
  • Jul 2016 ==> obtained AWS (Amazon) Cloud Solution Architect associate cert (I’ve had both in-person classes ==> AWS SysOps AWS Cloud Solutions Architect ) 
  • Aug 2016 ==> this month was spent prepping for VMware NSX cert before I stopped this path  
  • Nov 2016 ==> obtained AWS Certified Developer associate cert  
  • Thanksgiving 2018 ==> obtained AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Professional cert  

currently prepping for and likely sitting for the following AWS professional level certifications in very early 2019:

  • Advanced Networking Specialty
  • DevOps Engineer

Plus working on the following:

  • Linux – refreshing old knowledge
  • Terraform
  • Git
  • CentOS – VirtualBox and Vagrant
  • Advanced CloudFormation course
  • also learning Python & Chef as I find time
  • AWS Big Data Specialist (cert in Mar 2019??)
  • AWS SysOps associate course (did this course a couple of years ago)

Previous courses:

  • VMware (in-person class)
    • VCP-NV (NSX network & security virtualization – in-person class & lab)
    • Plus multiple basic VMware courses Data Center, Cloud, vSphere, etc. (online)
  • Basic SDN/NFV courses
  • Cisco CCNA (refreshing this knowledge set)
  • SPLUNK — currently signed up for more SPLUNK, SDN & NFV courses
  • ISC2 CCSP (cloud cert from ISC2 – late 2019, possibly)

In returning to more technical efforts, specifically into ‘virtualization,’ I am looking at combining my background of:

  • Previous tech work: MSSP (SOC & NOC) for Routers & Firewalls; IT Level III PC & Tech Support; voice & data communications; mainframes with some Mobile Comms (BYOD) knowledge;
  • MBA & MSc – specifically relating to doing more strategic efforts
  • InfoSec & Cybersecurity plus
  • Intelligence Analyst efforts (strategy & tactical)


My Story

Experience & Leadership:

  • POINT PERSON providing InfoSec briefings to U.S. Ambassadors abroad (one Ambassador kept me for 1 ½ hours per his engagement and interest despite his Exec. Secretary having asked me to cut scheduled 1 hour briefing to 20 min)
  • DIRECTED 24 x 7 watch floor all-source Intelligence Analysts (contractors & military (enlisted/officer)) on global intelligence and cyber security threats.
  • MANAGER of 4 nationwide teams at same time: Computer & Network Security; Comm network (voice & data), PC & Network Support and Help Desk
  • Ability to translate tech-speak for executive leadership and vice versa
  • PROJECT MANAGER role in multiple firms and federal entities
  • Provide briefings up to senior executives and 2 & 3 star officers
  • Languages: Learned to read, write and speak 4 languages
  • Knowledge: Cohort leader in both grad degree programs AND learner of new tech (i.e. Virtualization and Mobile Communication) – as well as writings on multiple topics such as:
  • === Pie in the Sky or Strategic & Creative Moves to Cloud & IoT Tech Success
  • === Magic Beans! Virtualization, Security & Risk, SDN, NFV and Mobile BYOD – A Disruptive “Successful” Future
  • === Risk & Risk Management: Ideas, Thoughts & Perspectives for new CEOs, Presidents, EVPs, CIOs, CTOs, CSOs & Managers
  • === Intelligence: for YOU, for Business Intelligence or for National Security;
  • === Data Breaches; Mobile Communication & Devices and Cybersecurity; & more

Use & understanding of:

  • Intelligence (individual, business & national security) and the need for critical AND creative thinking
  • Strategy and looking at micro / macro (holistic) issues(s) of the moment and also upcoming efforts of tomorrow
  • Creativity to improve processes
  • Working in high pressure/time sensitive environments (from SOCs to CYBERCOMMAND)

* Deep Cognitive Diversity, what I mean: a very broad and somewhat comprehensive knowledge set of multiple areas: technology, intelligence, education, experience, etc. Basically, Cognitive Diversity, as I write in a separate paper, is a combination of everything that makes a person who they are – the broader and richer the background, the more that person can draw on to be successful in whatever they do.

{NOTE: Only looking for this new role, in the D.C. area.  No more 70 – 80 mile round trip commuting as I did to Ft. Meade AND ‘no relocation’ to any city.}

Previous IT Projects ($ 3/4 million  &  $2.5 million) – as Nationwide Manager of Mainframe/Network Security, Data Communications, PC Support & Help Desk

Change to IBM RACF for Network / User Security Access (built in CapEx at the VP of IT & Finance level)

My responsibility was geared towards:

  • Rolling out new security processes (accesses) for the nationwide enterprise
  • Creating white paper process of:
    • What is happening
    • What to do
    • What is allowed
    • What is not allowed
    • Troubleshooting access issues
  • Creating a troubleshooting tree list for the nationwide Help Desk team
  • Introduce the new process to all VPs, Managers and Supervisors at each site (conference room sessions)
    • Gain stakeholder buy-in was key for this success
    • Explicitly (verbally and written) state that users accounts will be immediately revoked if passwords are left under keyboards, pasted to monitors or other desktop/drawer locations – and that supervisors would have to contact us to reinstate users’ access (managers/supervisors had total buy-in on this)
  • Introduce the new process to all users at each site, via Supervisory staff for each branch/division

Mainframe related – Install new network due to Arson in old office

Arson act targeted against another office at N. Hollywood office location unfortunately burned out our remote office in that building.

Budget – $750,000                                    Deadline – one weekend

My responsibility was geared towards:

  • Determining and laying out game plan to restore site functionality at new site (and gaining VP approval of course),
  • Gaining manpower (8 people) from the current work IT operations/programming staff (move equipment),
  • Overtime for those individuals,
  • pulling and laying communication cables (copper) – had a vendor do this,
  • moving equipment for ~200 seats into another temporary office space in a different building
    • Data communication – terminals, controllers, multiplexer, data modems
    • Voice communication – analog PBX and phones
  • Configuring at:
    • New remote site: Data comm controllers, muxes and modems
    • HQ office: Front End Processor had to be re-configured to:
      • Remove old data comm info for the burnt out site and
      • Add new config info to connect to new site
  • Oversee vendor config of new PBX and verify PBX config info
  • Testing to ensure voice and data links all functioned:
    • Verify that users are able to use terminals and phones on their desktops

Slept on couch in lobby of new site in order to ensure “everything” was working by that Monday morning…

Mainframe related – Install new data-communication network in new remote two story office structure

Budget – $2.5 million                    Deadline – 3 weeks

My responsibility was geared towards:

  • Determining and laying out game plan to get new site up and running over that time frame (and gaining CEO & IT VP approval of course),
  • Gaining manpower (11 people) from the current work IT operations/programming staff (move equipment & assist in pulling copper),
  • Overtime for those individuals,
  • pulling and laying communication cables (copper) – had a vendor do this (with our people support),
  • moving equipment for ~350 seats into the 2 story office space
    • Data communication – terminals, controllers, multiplexers, data modems
    • Voice communication – analog PBX and phones
  • Configuring at:
    • New remote site – data comm controllers, muxes and modems
    • HQ office: Front End Processor had to be configured to:
      • Add new config info to connect to new site
  • Oversee vendor config of new PBX and verify PBX config info
  • Testing to ensure voice and data links all functioned
    • Verify that users are able to use terminals and phones on their desktops
  • Set up and configure the several Windows PCs we had at the time, primarily for the executive and secretarial staff

No need to sleep on couch for this effort – but massive daily hours on site to ensure everything succeeds as scheduled


Profile & some papers: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-a-38a7a76/  & Slideshare
Papers I’ve posted for public consumption @:

https://patrick642.wordpress.com  ~ ~ Topics ranging from: Virtualization (cloud), Cyber security / Information Security, Mobile Communication, Leadership, Communication, Diplomacy, Strategy, Intelligence (Individual, Business & National Security) to Improvements

Cloud Architecture Strategy, Success & ROI from junior Sys Admin to CEO              https://patrick642.wordpress.com/2017/05/08/cloud-architecture-strategy-success-roi/  
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Risk & Risk Management: Ideas, Thoughts & Perspectives for new CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CSOs & Managers                                          https://patrick642.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/risk-risk-management-ideas-thoughts-perspectives/
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coming soon (as I can make time)—- 
Big Data & Cloud: Analysis & Results, Intelligence & Security